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MGO950+ Manuka Honey (250g) - Limited Release

  • 型号: 9420063102496
  • 厂商: Manuka Health

售价: NZ$252.00
节省: 10%

Our Limited Release MGO950+ Manuka Honey has been expertly selected by our Master Beekeeper Dave Campbell for its exceptional qualities. This rare and special honey has been carefully nurtured to reach its optimum potential - and has a smooth, luscious taste to be savoured.

It is certified for ultra-high natural methylglyoxal content (950mg/kg).

An exclusive and single origin Manuka honey, our MGO950+ hails from the wild East Cape of New Zealand, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful and sun-drenched region produces exceptional Manuka honey that perfectly captures New Zealand's unique living energy.

A rare gift of Manuka Health.

* MANUKA honey in plastic jar


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